M.I.S.S. Y.O.U.

When I tell {yoU} something

will {yoU} listen to me?

Tears: silent marks on my heart #sixwords

Silent drops

filled with love

{and} pain

Drops of rainy days

of sweet days

Marks of fear and anger

signs of missing {yoU}

Wish I was with {yoU} now #sixwords

Some people call me crazy, some people call me naive,
some people just tell me I chose the pain…
the pain of missing {yoU}


the silence of missing {yoU} is even louder

I miss…

the warmth in your smile
the sound of love when you speak
how you hold my hand
the way you curl your body against mine when we fall asleep
how we make up after a fight
your fingers caressing my face
your whispers in my ears
your wallet and keys in my handbag
the sparkle in your eyes when you’re up to something…

I miss {yoU}

… so much

it hurts….

I miss {yoU}

… so much

silent tears…

I miss {yoU}

… so much

it hurts…


About leiastar

Poetic soul, lover of words, sinner... I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok, they know me here.
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2 Responses to M.I.S.S. Y.O.U.

  1. RAJISH says:

    ~~~~ exactly wht i do nw… miss u 🙂 enjy ur day

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