Reflective confessions

Hello world,

this is {me}… {I}’m taking a big leap here… taking the first step is always the beginning…

‘Hello, my name is Thaleia and {I}’m an addict’

There.. {I}’ve said it… it’s out there, so it must be true…

Ḏℯ¢℮м♭℮ґ is always a strange month… a month of celebrations , but also a month of reflections/snoitcelfer

Take a look inside the mirror       #sixwords

But when yoU look in it… look behind the obvious …

Take a look INside

What do yoU see?

{I} don’t always like what {I} see…

{I} can be inconsiderate, short-tempered, irrational…

{I} try to though.. {I} try to be a good person…

Lots of things have happened in 2010 … things that have shaken up {my} world

——>      horrible things, bad things, good things and even better things…

but all these things make {me} who {I} am ….#yesIKnowImWeird

Throughout all these events, {I}’ve come to realize that {I}’m an addict

and even though admitting it is the first step to ‘healing’

{I} can ħøηєรŧły say:

‘{I} don’t want to be healed’    #sixwords

’cause when {I} look into my mirror

and see what is INside …. I see ⓛⓞⓥⓔ

I see … all of yoU

FoLlOw yOuR HeArT, it’s worth it   #sixwords

So, yes.. {I}’m addicted to yoU

{I}’m addicted to:

–  the sun that shines INside my two little guys

–  the ⓛⓞⓥⓔ that surrounds {me} when Syd is near

–  the rainbow colored sparkles that embrace {me} when yoU, {my} friends, talk to


–  the enchanting words in poetry, books, music…

–  hugs n kisses n embraces n phone calls n txts n notes n …

LOVE  …..  {I} am ADDICTED to LOVE    #sixwords

So, this is a thank yoU note ….

a thank yoU for being there

a thank yoU for being there no matter what ….

Thanks for making 2010 such a memorable year, and for 2011:

FoLlOw yOuR HeArTs , bE(YoU)TiFuL !

I love you all…


About leiastar

Poetic soul, lover of words, sinner... I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok, they know me here.
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2 Responses to Reflective confessions

  1. sparxx64 says:

    ~ and your sun shines bright ~ the world is a better place ~ with your loving smile ~ #haiku #senryu

  2. leiastar says:

    Thank you Sparky 🙂

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