If only…

If only…
your hand still rested in mine
and your breath was still surging through my soul…

if only…

but everything is           lost…
your heart
my heart
our love

broken…… shattered mirrors
making our souls bleed
ripping me apart

I took down our pictures
thinking it would ……….. somehow……… somehow
make it easier….
but it only made it harder

because now I realize
I can’t take down the pictures of us
that are imprinted in my heart… my mind… my soul

I still hear your voice
every night
whispering I love you’s
until they fade into
……. nothingness

Your scent still lingering on
clothes, books and letters
letters of LOVE
letters {YOU} wrote
for me
and look where I am now….
fragile… lost…

I think it’s time to put on the mask
once again
hide inside
all the pain
because everyone
tells me to be STRONG
to move on
to … get over it…

silent tears are all that is allowed
silent tears are all that I have left….

the girl behind the mask will play
hide and seek
never revealing herself
because she needs to be strong
that’s what the world tells her to do…

BE who you are SUPPOSED to BE,
whatever you do


About leiastar

Poetic soul, lover of words, sinner... I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok, they know me here.
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5 Responses to If only…

  1. shweta j says:

    this is so beautiful and sad.

  2. meethimirchi says:

    your words flowed very well , People will choose to escape life to be free, rather than stuck in a cell, living under someone’s orders, for the rest of their life.

  3. Eqlektik says:

    A lovely melancholy is how I would describe this moving piece.

  4. You write emotion so beautifully. Love how raw this is! ♥


  5. Robert says:

    Beautifully put, without being maudlin.

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