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Poetic soul, lover of words, sinner... I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok, they know me here.


She’s the safe haven I turn to whenever life gets too hard   She’s the wind in the sails whenever life holds me back   She’s the air that I breath whenever  life cuts me off   She’s the dragon … Continue reading

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Pandora’s Box

soft memories with tender emotions   a heart fissured  and unhealed   pandora’s box of painful things   opened  up inside  my soul   silently sighs a smile without tears

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I should grateful for the pain you caused it made me stronger My heart no longer beats for a soul that torments but for a soul that treasures I have broken down the treehouse of our dreams and replaced it … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is a brand new day

Will there be another day just like today she asked him tenderly Whispered promises that will be broken just like her heart Filled with broken dreams and painful tears she asks him over and over again Will you still love … Continue reading

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Last dance

We are falling falling apart Fragments of broken hearts unable to find solutions Yesterday and no longer a tomorrow one last dance of broken souls

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Letters of love

{I} have stopped writing yoU letters #sixwords {I} have stopped drawing out my feelings {I} have stopped……… {I} have stopped writing yoU letters an emotional breakthrough wasted ṫ℮αяṧ …. drowning in seas of paper filled with words {I} needed them….. … Continue reading


If only…

If only… your hand still rested in mine and your breath was still surging through my soul… if only… but everything is           lost… your heart my heart our love broken…… shattered mirrors making our souls … Continue reading

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